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Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara

බෞද්ධ විහාරය - නෝර්වේ

The temple of the Tisarana Sri Lanka Buddhist Association changed the name, from Oslo Buddhist Vihara to Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara of Norway, in March 2021, after moved to larger premises in Hurdal, 80km north of Oslo. The chief incumbent Ven Marathugoda Manirathana Thero has served the Oslo Buddhist Vihara since its establishment in March 2011 and has made a tremendous effort to establish the Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara of Norway in Hurdal together with Ven. Unapana Pemananda Thero, the Executive Committee and members of Tisarana. The temple runs according to the Theravada Buddhist principles and Sri Lankan traditions, and has become a landmark for Sri Lankan Buddhists in Norway. Since the establishment, the temple has developed a very friendly approach to many groups of people and the temple activities designed to promote the spiritual values and social harmony within the society. Today the temple is supported by Sri Lankan community regardless of their religious and ethnic identity as well as the Norwegian Buddhists, non-Buddhists and others.

විහාරස්ථානයට අනුබද්ධ අනෙකුත් ආයතන

Sukhitha Relief Fund (SRF). SRF is a non-profitable welfare organization and the ideology of the fund is to seek to improve the quality of life; to promote human dignity and to enhance wellbeing of individuals, families and societies. SRF focuses on the rural areas of Sri Lanka to improve educational, social and economic standards through welfare projects identified by our provincial representatives. Sri Lankans who live in some European countries are the major supporters of SRF.

විහාරස්ථානය මගින් සිදුකරනු ලබන සමාජ සුභසාධන හා අධ්‍යාපනික කටයුතු

1. Daily ritual of Buddhists- Puja & personal worship and meditation – Open for anybody who like to participate.

2. Weekly mediation program – Every Thursday evening 18.00–19.30.

3. Full moon day retreat programs & weekend retreat programs individual and communal grief work /commemorations.

4. Sunday school “Daham Pasal” for children.

5. Resource center for Norwegian school classes and teachers

6. Facilitate courses in Buddhism, Buddhist philosophy and meditation; The temple in near future will facilitate courses in Buddhism, meditation retreats in monthly basis, It will also developed to be a recourse center for the students who study the Buddhism as a subject in the schools and higher education institutes.

7. Inter-religious activities and discussions to maintain multicultural understanding which is very important in the modern society. The temple works to build bridges between communities and creating tolerance and mutual respect.

Ven Marathugoda Manirathana Thero

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